Celebrating the Northside during Black History Month

"Celebrating the Northside" in February will mark the public launch of The Northside by Nelson Johnson. Admission to the event helps United Way and the Boys and Girls Club, and includes a free signed copy of The Northside.

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Written with “detail and sensitivity”

In those early days, Atlantic City was the blackest city in America’s North. But segregation was a national institution, and so, a town of their own was formed within the city; a Harlem-by-the-Sea. It was a place of neon clubs and staid civic associations, segregated but stable in its middle-class values.

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The Northside named a Notable African American Title

Nelson Johnson’s “The Northside: African Americans and the Creation of Atlantic City” joins five other nonfiction titles and four fiction books in a listing released this week by the influential Publishers Weekly in an article titled Notable African American Titles by Calvin Reid and Diane Patrick.

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Nelson Johnson Releases Second Atlantic City Book

Johnson's first book — "Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times and Corruption of Atlantic City" — includes a chapter about African Americans' impact on the seaside resort community.

Johnson said he knew he wanted to go back and explore the topic further.

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African-American Workers were Key to AC’s Success

"When I was researching Boardwalk Empire, I came to the slow realization the history of the black community was really [important]. I recognized that nobody else had even tried to tell this story." --- Nelson Johnson, author of The Northside

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He Did His Homework

That was the first thought that came to mind after reading through Nelson Johnson's latest book, "The Northside: African Americans and the Creation of Atlantic City." The author of "Boardwalk Empire," whose popular book inspired the current HBO series by the same name, has turned his attention to the history and contributions of Atlantic City's black population.

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Northside Residents Happy to Have their Stories Told

Ada McClinton and Elwood Davis know about life on the north side of Atlantic Avenue. She was born there 87 years ago, and he shares 83 years of his own history with the neighborhood’s.

Still, these two friends are anxious to see the story of their side of the city hit print in a new book, "The Northside," by Nelson Johnson.

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Images of the Northside…

Nelson Johnson is proud of the story he tells with his words in his new book, "The Northside." He's also proud of the stories the book's pictures can tell.

Johnson said the other day even he still hasn't seen a hardback copy of "The Northside," his history of Atlantic City's black community. But he expects the book to include more than 85 historic pictures when it's released Nov. 29 by Plexus Publishing.

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