Images of the Northside…

Nelson Johnson is proud of the story he tells with his words in his new book, “The Northside.” He’s also proud of the stories the book’s pictures can tell.

The Northside

Johnson said the other day even he still hasn’t seen a hardback copy of “The Northside,” his history of Atlantic City’s black community. But he expects the book to include more than 85 historic pictures when it’s released Nov. 29 by Plexus Publishing.

That’s far more than the 35 or so pictures that showed up in “Boardwalk Empire,” Johnson’s first book on the city’s history, which came out in 2002 and has since been turned into a crossover TV hit on HBO.  John Bryans, Plexus‘ editor in chief, says the quantity of pictures in the new book is partly a testament to the quality of the writer’s research.