Johnson Examines Atlantic City’s Black Heritage

Nelson Johnson wrote his second Atlantic City book, “The Northside,” to finish and broaden the tale of the town he told in “Boardwalk Empire,” the local history that’s become a national sensation through its jazzed-up adaptation as an HBO series.

This time he’s telling the story of the city’s black residents, from the city’s founding as a seaside resort to its modern incarnation as a casino town, in the book, subtitled “African Americans and the Creation of Atlantic City.”

“The Northside” is scheduled to be released Nov. 29 by Plexus Publishing of Medford, Burlington County, which also published “Boardwalk Empire.”

Plexus has already printed some advance paperback copies of “The Northside,” but Johnson said Tuesday he’s looking forward to the hardback’s publication next month – mainly because that edition will have 100 or so historical pictures that Johnson came across in decades 0of research on Atlantic City’s black Northside neighborhood.